किसान आंदोलन: Protest Memories


In Oct 2020 farmers from Punjab, India, began a protest to repeal three unjust farm laws that risked increasing the privatization of and a stranglehold on the food supplies. Staging one of the largest and longest protests in history, Indian farmers across the globe joined the protest in solidarity. The year-long protest in India ended in November 2021, when Prime Minister Narinder Modi rescinded the anti-farm laws. The protest had resulted in the deaths of 726 farmers from violence, illness, and inclement weather.


Combing slow stitching, quilting, hand and machine embroidery, natural dying with tannins, oxides and rust printing is a methodology to engage in the contradictions of care and cultural memory of the 2020 Indian framers protest. I embellish overseen spaces in photographs and embroider the names of farmers who lost their lives in this protest to engage the viewer to slow down and question resistance movements and labor of the global south.

Photo courtesy: Mikey Mosher